With God’s help we covenant to:

For our denomination, presbytery, congregations,
ministries and one another;
-As a cornerstone of every process;
-To seek Christ’s way in every deliberation.

-With encouragement and respect toward one another,
illustrating the Good News;
-With awareness we are the Body of Christ
and God uses our relationships;
-Listening deeply with honest consideration
-Communicating directly with the truth in love;
-Keeping healthy and honest boundaries that build trust

-We will have disagreements and
we will use prayerful ways to address them,
-We will use protocols that create safety
in seeking understanding and clarity;
-We will focus on goals and not dehumanize people.

-Following through on the responsibilities we have been given.

In 2022 we seek to live into these four callings:
Listening to God and one another;
Being the body of Christ (build relationships);
Affirming that God uses us;
Practicing the Matthew 25 initiative and its three emphases:
building congregational vitality;
dismantling structural racism;
and eradicating systemic poverty.

(revised 1/18/22 by the Leadership Team of the Presbytery of Missouri River Valley)