PMRV Leadership Covenant 2020
With God’s help we covenant to:
For our denomination, presbytery, congregations,
ministries and one another
-As a cornerstone of every process
-To seek Christ’s way in every deliberation
-With encouragement and respect toward one another,
illustrating the Good News
-With awareness we are the Body of Christ
and God uses our relationships
-Listening deeply with honest consideration
-Communicating directly with the truth in love
-Keeping healthy and honest boundaries that build trust
-We will have disagreements and
we will use prayerful ways to address them
-We will use protocols that create safety
in seeking understanding and clarity
-We will focus on goals and not dehumanize people
Be good stewards
-Following through on the responsibilities
we have been given
Covenant extra notes:
In the group that you practice covenant with, what are other specific elements you might
add for the health and vitality of the group or to keep on target with Christ’s mission.

2020 Presbytery Leadership Team

Chair – Gary Eller
Presbytery Moderator – Dennis Brown
Presbytery Vice Moderator – Suzanne Gorhau
Stated Clerk – Pat Shipley
Treasurer – Dave Emry

Commission on Ministry Representative – Sally Carlson
Personnel – Sarah Dickinson
Mission & Evangelism Representative – Debbie Kippley
Faith, Education & Leadership Representative – Linda Reffert
Social Justice & Peacemaking Representative – Carolyn Grice
Stewardship of Resources – Gregg Miller