The Presbytery of Missouri River Valley is one of the sponsoring presbyteries for The Academy, a series of classes designed for those who want to grow in their faith and knowledge; grow as a leader; serve God in new ways and opportunities; engage in meaningful continuing education; and learn from the best of teachers. The Academy develops well equipped, thoughtful individuals to better serve the congregations and councils in a variety of ways. Many use this training on their journey toward becoming Commissioned Pastors, others for their own enrichment. Completion of the 11 courses fulfills the educational requirements to become a CP/CRE in the participating presbyteries. Participants can join at any point in the schedule.

The Academy developed out of conversations between the presbyteries of Minnesota Valleys, North Central Iowa and Prospect Hill and the Synod of Lakes and Prairies. The group determined that if they worked together, they could not only address the growing needs for Commissioned Pastors but also recruit nationally known instructors to enhance the program. A task force of the visioning group developed a curriculum of 11 classes that would meet the educational expectations of each participating presbytery.

Sponsoring presbyteries: East Iowa, Minnesota Valleys, Missouri River Valley, North Central Iowa, Northern Waters, Prospect Hill and Twin Cities Area. Sponsoring presbyteries contribute $2,500 annually to help cover the costs of travel and honoraria for the instructors and facilitators of the Academy. They are also given two seats on the Academy Board, which makes decisions about the program and needs.

For more information, contact Nicole at the PMRV office.

A flyer describing the program can be downloaded below.

An invitational letter to explore Commissioned Pastor Training from June, 2023 can be downloaded below.

For more information regarding the process toward pastoral ministry, view the Commission on Preparation for Ministry’s (CPM) Manual of Operations below.