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Beatty, Rev. William
Honorably Retired

Bowers, Rev. Bill
Honorably Retired

Calta, Rev. MaryAnn
Honorably Retired LMHP, Social Worker, Spiritual Director
402-677-7008 (phone is preferred method of contact)

Candler, Rev. Deena
Honorably Retired

Darnold, Rev. Doug
Honorably Retired

Filipi, Rev. Jody
Honorably Retired, Spiritual Director

Keefer, Kathleen
Ruling Elder, Spiritual Director

Keefer, Rev. Robert
Honorably Retired

Morhardt, Bryan
Ruling Elder

Reffert, Linda
Ruling Elder

Shipley, Ms. Pat
Ruling Elder
712-785-3276 (home)
712-621-0646 (cell)

Steinmetz, Rev. Ed
Honorably Retired

Tawadrous, Pastor Emad
Serves the Arabic Christian Fellowship

Recommended Honoraria

The Presbytery of Missouri River Valley has set recommended honoraria for specific pastoral services by someone other than the church’s own pastor (percentages are taken from the minimum effective salary for ministers).

Applying to be on the Pulpit Supply List

Ruling elders of the congregations within the Presbytery of Missouri River Valley are invited to apply to, and visit with, the Commission on Ministry to be included on the Pulpit Supply List. Possible matters to be discussed when interviewing with the Commission include…

  • What training or experience in preaching have you had?
  • Tell us about your sense of call to preach.
  • How do you go about preparing a sermon?
  • What is your involvement in the church and the community?
  • Share with us your Statement of Faith.